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Everything for the avid golfer under one roof

Whether you are looking for clubs, golf balls or tees, want to score a new outfit or orientate on exclusive golf trips, during the Holland Golf Show you will certainly make your move! Nowhere will you find so many suppliers of golf products and services in the broadest sense under one roof. Be inspired by our exhibitors, who are just as much lovers of the sport as you are!

Golf trips at home and abroad


The Dutch love to travel and certainly golfers. In the wet and cold winters, we flee our little chilly country en masse. If you are looking for a distant destination in the Caribbean, want to take the car just across the border, or even explore in your own country, the golf travel agencies and tourist offices are ready to give you all the info you need.

The first impression


The golfer, on average, is someone who wants to look good, so that means the various clothing and shoe brands will also do their best to be present with a representative range. Direct sales or in support of dealers present, either way, visitors will have plenty of choice.

Shop till you drop


The shops present have gone to great lengths to cater to golfers, having pretty much moved the entire shop to the fair venue. It is therefore a unique opportunity for both shopkeepers and golfers to meet in such large numbers. That must lead to happy faces.

Discover the most beautiful golf courses

Golf courses and organizations

Besides the memberships that most golf clubs have, there are also a number of organisations that offer facilities that do not require you to be a member at a fixed location. Often, you can play on several courses at home and abroad with benefits and handicap registration is also kept up to date. Delve into the offer and see which option best suits your needs.

Prepared for everything

Equipment and accessories

When you go golfing, you do need some gear. Apart from special clothes and shoes, the first thing you need are golf clubs, which then have to be put in a bag and that bag has to be put on a trolley. In the bag you need balls, which you need to keep clean with a towel, a glove and some tees. Then there's the golf watch or rangefinder and maybe we're not there yet.


Media and literature

If you want to keep up and know what is changing or happening in the world of golf, then a subscription to a golf magazine might be a good idea. There are also magazines distributed at the golf courses that you can peruse over a cup of coffee at the regulars' table. Follow our top national players at the various tournaments and see what's new in terms of equipment and which courses you still want to play. Reading is knowing. Of course, there are also books where you can find instructions on game improvement, both technical and mental.


Golf and pleasure

Golfers generally like conviviality, socialising and want to pamper themselves a little. Then the Lifestyle section is a welcome stopover in the golf violence. Here you will find the things that can make life so pleasant but are not only related to golf.

Measuring is knowing


There is an increasing focus on a scientific approach to help improve the game. Distances to obstacles through the course, swing speed, club choices, everything can almost be underpinned by the technology offered by a number of parties. With a simulator, you can even play entire golf courses in your home or garage.

Getting started yourself


There will be lessons for starters and beginners, made possible by the PGA Holland and the Dutch Golf Federation.
Relevant brands will be present to try out their latest clubs in a batting cage.
Visitors can participate in the Neary on the simulator and try to hole the 18-metre putt.

Just relax

A bite and a drink

Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed on the terrace in the hall and in the adjacent self-service restaurant.
The refreshments are all in all reasonably priced and it is always pleasant to go over the last round played.